NIA Report: 10 arrested in nearly 100 fake passport cases in past 4 years

According to National Investigation Agency (NIA), nearly 100 cases of fake passport prepared in past four years have been identified in Haryana and Punjab states during verification of all passports prepared in this period. Information reveals, most of the passport holders involved in criminal activities are suspected left country after committing crimes in past sometime.

During verification of passports prepared in past four years maximum numbers of these were prepared at Karnal in Haryana state and police verification of applicants in most of the cases was alleged conducted by sector 32-33 police station.

As many as 32 accused involved in fake passport cases  have been arrested so far by the police and involvement of two police personnel in fake verification is suspected in-spite of the fact the town have two senior police officers in the ranks  of IGP and SP and action against both police personnel is in process.

Investigation by CIA and Detective Staff of police revealed that most of the fake passport holders were originally hailing from the states of Haryana, Punjab, Bengal and Kerala states but their passports were prepared on fake names as well as having fake Karnal addresses and during investigation it was observed that no one was staying at these places.