Navjot Sidhu’s adviser Malwinder Singh Mali resigns over his remarks

Malwinder Singh Mali has resigned as Sidhu’s adviser on Friday over his controversial remarks.  He said in his face book post that both India and Pakistan were illegal occupants in Kashmir.

Mali wrote in a letter to Sidhu- “I withdraw my consent given for tendering suggestions to Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu. ”

In another post, Mali wrote on the Taliban: “Now it is their responsibility to protect Sikhs and Hindus. They will rule to improve the condition of the country, not like before.”

He also said in a statement on Facebook-“Punjab, Punjabi Community cooperation, and anti-Sikh forces, that do not tolerate the emerging Punjab model… have a nefarious design to derail the dialogue that has started taking shape and to push me to jump into the struggle with tied hands, which is not acceptable to me and rejecting the same I humbly submit that I withdraw my consent given for tendering suggestions to Navjot Singh Sidhu,”