Arvind Kejriwal : Sonu Sood to be brand ambassador for Delhi’s mentorship initiative

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today announced in a press conference that bollywood actor Sonu Sood will be the brand ambassador for the Delhi government’s “Desh ke Mentor” programme.

Kejriwal admired the various philanthropic acts that Sood undertook during the migrant displacement crisis caused by the coronavirus disease pandemic.

Announcing the ‘Desh ke Mentor’ initiative, Kejriwal said that it is India’s largest mentoring programme yet, that will see around 3 lakh young professionals guiding and mentoring 10 lakh Delhi government school students for a bright future.

Sonu Sood has agreed to become the brand ambassador for this programme, he said.

Mr. Kejriwal said “The Delhi government has been working on a programme revolving around the mentorship of government school students for some time. There are many talented students who come from poor backgrounds and need guidance,”