Murder mystery of 5 years old Jash solved within 48 hours

KARNAL : Police solved murder mystery of five years old Jash strangled to death by his aunt Anjali with the wire of her mobile phone battery charger was solved by police within 48 hours. The body of victim child reported missing was recovered lying on the window shed of a near by house in the area hardly after 20 minutes. According to FSL team arrived at the spot for investigation the cause of death of innocent child due to strangling. Police also recovered blood oozing from victim’s neck.\Ganga Ram Poonia SP constituted an STI led by Himadri Kaushik ASP along with two CIA teams to investigate murder. Investigation revealed, Jash went to his aunt Anjali’s house  nearby along with his nearly seven years old sister to play as usual who returned home after some time leaving Jash alone. Information revealed Anjali was a psycho patient since past sometime having treatment at the civil hospital as well in a private hospital at Panipat and was frequently seen suffering from mental tension when Anjali was seen involved in abnormal activities in the state of depression and a couple of times she attempted to cut her arm nerve with sharp knife  and many times she had broken her mobile phone in the state of depression.  Investigating team also sought help of a panel of doctors and psychologists found Anjali also pregnant.    However, police solved murder mystery within hours. Anjali residing at Indri was married to a youth Vikas resident of Karnal about three years ago with whom she was in love affairs  and the couple was trying to settle abroad since after their marriage but their desire could not be fulfilled for one reason or other. Meanwhile, she was often seen in the state of depression. Investigation revealed, Anjali when watching a crime show on U-tube in which she saw how a child in a killing scene was strangled to death with the help of wire of mobile phone battery charger when under the influence of depression she lost sense and killed Jash in the same way in-spite of the fact innocent child attempted a lot to save his life. According to STI report, after killing child, on seeing blood spots Anjali returned to conscious but it was too late. She tried to hide dead body and immediately contacted her husband Vikas to reach immediately. Anjali told everything to his brother-in-law Rajesh and his wife Dhanwanti seeking help to dispose off deceased’s body and destroy murder evidences when body of the child was thrown in another nearby house. But Anjali was arrested by police, which also arrested Rajesh and Dhanwanti allegedly trying to finish evidences. During search police also recovered Jash’s shoes lying in waste bucket.  Large number of residents of area demanding immediate action against accused blocked highway when police also arrested five protestors, however later released. Ganga Ram Poonia SP Karnal assured that police have yet to receive forensic report and all those involved in crime will not be spared at any cost.