Monsoon Session: Congress condemns suspension of AAP MP Sanjay Singh

New Delhi : Congress on Monday condemned the suspension of AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanajay Singh from rest of Parliament’s monsoon session.

Congress said that it is not for the first time that someone was walked to the well and urged the government to restore Singh’s suspension.

“Sanjay Singh got up to speak. It is not the first time that someone has walked up to the Well (of the House) to protest. Many representatives go in the well to protest. There is freedom of speech in a democracy. If someone comes to Parliament to speak then he or she should get a chance, ” Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge said while addressing media persons.

He said that the intention of the government is to stifle the voices in one or the other.

“We want discussion as per rule but they are not ready. They must restore Singh’s suspension so that the Manipur issue, which is a major issue, can be discussed. Manipur is not a small issue, ” the Congress President said.

He said that Manipur has witnessed mob-raping and mob-harassment.

“There is need for discussion on Manipur issue. The Prime Minister should say what action government is going to take. Why is he (Modi) not taking any action is beyond one’s understanding, ” he said.

Sanjay Singh was suspended for rest of the monsoon session of Parliament for ‘unruly’ behaviour while raising the issue of Manipur violence.