Mercedes‑AMG 43: Product and Performance Overview

Mercedes is renowned for creating a performance-oriented driving machines. From sedans to roadsters, the power and handling are loved by the drivers. When Mercedes lovers lay their hands on its sterling wheel and press the accelerator, their heart skips a heartbeat.

The Mercedes‑AMG 43- king of the roads -has been launched to carry the Mercedes legacy forward. It comes loaded with a superb AMG enhancement that makes it too good to be real.

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Let’s get back to the features and performance of Mercedes‑AMG 43.

Features-Performance and Handling

Standard Features

Here are the standard features that come loaded in Mercedes‑AMG 43.

  1. AMG 2.0l Inline-4 Turbo Engine

Mercedes‑AMG 43 comes loaded with a powerful 4-cylinder engine. The 375-hp, AMG handcrafted engine is the highest hp/ litre thanks to no small part to an intercooled twin-scroll turbocharger. It pumps out a 26.1 psi boost.

Apart from the direct injection, it comes with super multi-spark ignition and various advances that are built to neutralize the friction. It is loaded with torque that rises to 350 lb-ft. In 4.1 seconds it starts 2,250 rpm, for a 0-60.

  1. ECO Start and Stop System

It boasts of an automatic ECO Start and Stop system, that shuts the engine during stoplights and whenever it is idle,in order to reduce emissions and save fuel. When the driver lifts the brake off, the engine restarts in a matter of seconds as a response to the immediate acceleration.

The ECO Start and Stop system can be shut off manually by the driver any time he/she wants to.


The crisply geared 7-speed,dual-clutch transmission blends the AMG SPEEDSHIFT with a racing dual-clutch design. It allows for a faster and smoother, automatic change of gears which is quicker than a traditional manual gearbox. Its paddles shift, and rev-matched downshifts enable a quick and smooth response.

 In enhancement to the manual mode, it is loaded with 2 automatic modes- Comfort and Sport. In addition to that, it is packed with a race start launch function.

The durability and response of super synchros are enhanced by Carbon fiber friction linings.

  1. Shift Paddles

A twin set of paddles are positioned strategically behind the steering-wheel, which enable manual up shift and down shift.

  1. AMG Performance Oriented Braking System

Internally ventilated and perforated disc brakes disperse the gases generated, during repeated or hard application of brakes. It helps the brakes fade to offer high performance. Along with painted calipers, AMG logos grab all the eyeballs to 13.8-inch front disc and 13.0-inch rear disc.

  1. 3-stage ESP

Its multistage Electronic Stability Program offers various driving modes for various driving situations. With Electronic Stability Program on, engine torque is reduced, which helps rotate the driving machine back to the intended course of the man/woman behind the wheels.

Sports mode triggers higher drift angles in driving performance. The brake-intervention, as well as torque-reduction thresholds, are raised. ESP Off mode eradicates intervention and lets the driver directly express his/her skills.

  1. Smooth Start Function

When the race start function is activated by the driver, it enhances the startup revs and launches traction with perfectly timed auto shift for the super rapid acceleration.

  1. AMG Electro Power Steering

Advanced speed oriented electro-mechanical power steering, helps deliver a fast and smooth response and makes manoeuvring easier even at low speeds, with accurate straight-line stability and on-centre feel.

The AMG-calibrated design hands over the control of the chassis in the hands of the driver for inspiring handling precision.


Here is the design that makes Mercedes‑AMG 43 stand out with pride.

  1. 4-Door Coupe Design

It is inspired by the trend-setting CLS. The flowing curves are connected with sweeping and crisp arcs that create a 3D sculpture. It comes with a frameless door glass, front fascia and taut proportions that define truly splendid, Mercedes-Benz.

  1. AMG Double-Crosswing Grille

CLA grille is a widely recognized icon. It’s not a mere icon; it’s an emotion that heightens the AMG double-crossing design. It is bold, it is wide and it is upright.

The matte-chrome adornments look magnificent set against a classic black mesh backdrop.

  1. AMG Body Styling

The aerodynamic lower bodywork faces the wind with a front apron that features large air intakes. The ripped off side sills and well-sculpted rear valance board features complementing inserts.

  1. AMG Performance styling

Exclusive detailed styling creates a visually aggressive CLA. Subtle contrasting metallic paintwork, the roof, trunk, hood and sides of the body are covered with matte grey AMG sport stripes.


Here are the features that optimize the safety of Mercedes‑AMG 43.

  1. Air Bags

It houses the most advanced system, loaded with 8 airbags including twin two-stage front airbags, front side-impact torso/ head airbags, twin front knee airbags, and side curtain airbags for both the seating rows, to ensure the safety of the driver.

  1. Active Brake Assist

Its hi-tech alerts based on Radar, notify you in case you approach an automobile ahead or any stationary objects particularly at a speed and distance which suggests a likely collision.

 The moment the driver applies the brake, Active Brake Assist automatically provides an adequate level of brake, so that a collision is prevented or its severity is reduced to a minimal level. In case the driver fails to, the system can initiate automatic braking up to 65 mph.

  1. Attention Assist

The first of its kind, Attention Assist monitors various parameters of driving behavior on a continuous basis. With visual as well as audible warnings, it’s capable of automatically alerting the driver in case any signs of drowsiness during long trips are detected.

  1. Rearview Camera

A live 180-degree view is displayed by a rear-mounted camera. The driver can see what is behind the automobile directly on the screen placed on the top of the dashboard.

The vehicle’s projected path as a driver turns the steering wheel is indicated by active on-screen guidelines.

In a Nutshell

Mercedes‑AMG 43 is a stunner in a true sense. The Mercedes club will surely get bigger and better thanks to the latest addition to the Mercedes family.

If you want a smoother and faster driver, AMG is your pick. You can opt for the optional features to get your beast customized as per your taste or needs.

After all, life’s too short to make any compromises.

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