Meditation in virtual world…me time therapy

Everything seems to be dancing in youth and happiness and the romance attains its zenith, writes Ranju Walia

As usual today also Hima was travelling back home after a long day at office. She stepped inside and soon found a comfortable seat.She was quite and just observing the people who were boarding the bus. During these hours there were hardly any smiles on the faces of the boarders. She could see tired, weary and given up looks on the faces around.

Hima is talkative but during the journey her face is blank as she is preparing herself secretly for an impossible mission.

The rotation of the wheels announced the start of journey. She closed her eyes and within a fraction of second reached her pre-planned destination. Nature started showering all its bounties generously on her. Here everything seems to be dancing in trance of youth and happiness and her romance attains its zenith. Tender grass allows her to throw her worn out physicality on it’s soft blades and she starts rejuvenating.

The big fruit acts as a lap and she rests her head on it. The sweet pulpy heart of the fruit calms every swirl of thoughts inside her nuttier brain. The exotic leafy hands caress her cheeks and she sinks her face in those careful hands. Meanwhile the soothing windy eye-lids give her plenty of butterfly kisses. Soft flower buds gently press against her lips and after few moments leave her dizzy and drunk.

Fully bloomed arms with scented fragrance of a beautiful creeper wraps her body and she surrenders completely to them to treat her with lovely tickles on her back. Later the watery feet of a slow-moving cascade when washes her feet and legs, she starts shrinking with the heavenly pleasure of them. She then embraces, squeezes, cuddles and nestles with her serene romance and goes in deep slumber.

Time intervenes. The wheels are decreasing their rotations and are ready for the halt. She realises the situation and gently opens the eyes of her brain, stands, adjusts her scarf and with very light steps, gets down the vehicle and walks towards her home. This is her routine practice. She visits heavenly bodies, hill- tops, sea- beds, skies and what not. There are no rules or logics in there.She can stroll on the moon without an oxygen supplying mask and can catch the comets, talk to them and even sway them to some other direction.

She can dance with the colourful fish under the crystal clear waters of oceans, and can fly without wings up in the sky without her skirt being fluttered by the naughty wind.

No rules!! No logics!!! Wow!!

Though nothing applies in the virtual world yet time plays its role in the same manner. So now its high time to start her journey towards her home, or say the real world. Her brain automatically starts winding up her visit to the virtual land with the logic of approaching her home station.

The moment she steps down from the vehicle, she unties herself from all the strings attached to the virtual world and comes back in one whole identity to face her very real and not so sweet but logical living world.

But why does she enter that beautiful virtual world?

What is she gaining from that?

The sweetness and softness of the lovable virtual world may have an adverse effect on her view point. She may get stuck in there. She may refuse to come back. She may get confused between the logical and illogical worlds.

But thankfully it never happened, rather the impact of the short lived virtual world was beyond imagination.

You can call this whole process as a “me-time”therapy. A weird way of meditation which surprisingly results in showing up peace and contentment on her face. That everyday’s  journey time is her only me-time and she is never ever sharing that time with anyone. Not even in her thoughts. None of her social relations pops up in her mind while having her me-time therapy. This meditation therapy fades away all her why’s, who’s, where’s, do’s and dont’s. It turns the fierce waves of emotions into a clean,deep but silent lake.

This one wild thing prepares her to accomplish all her duties at home and also for the successful completion of job tasks before the deadline. Just an hour in virtual world and she is all set to manage rest 23 hours.

Give a thought…

Move to a place where you are the only one to guide the universe to work according to your own sweet will and where you are not scared of being caught lying carelessly anywhere.You can spoil your clothes, change them and can restart.

Not a bad deal!!

Good luck  !!!