Maharashtra State transport Bus steering now in women’s hands

Recruitment of 150 women drivers

With women working as conductors in State Transport buses, now the government has decided to give the steering of the bus in to the hands of women. The State Transport has shortlisted 150 women as ‘driver-conductor’ and their year-long training will start from August. After completing this training these ladies will join the ST services and with that the steering of the ST buses will now be placed in their hands.

The recruitment process is going on in the ST Corporation and some seats are reserved for women. Terms and conditions are also altered in view of expecting better response from women. Earlier, the three year driving experience and driving license for heavy vehicles were compulsory for men and women. Now women will require driving license for light vehicles and one year driving experience. Accordingly, some women submitted their applications. After scrutiny of papers, 150 women are found eligible for the ‘driver-conductor’ post. They will be given training in driving heavy vehicles for one year as per the rules as they do not have that experience. After completing this training they will be absorbed in the service. In the beginning, these women drivers will be allowed to drive buses for short distances to gain experience. Later they will be appointed on the long-distance buses.

The Corporation is implementing ‘Driver training scheme’ for Adivasi girls and so far 21 Adivasi girls are trained by the ST Corporation in driving buses.