Farm bill protest: Five people detained for torching tractor near India Gate

Five people were detained on Monday after they burned a tractor near India Gate in protest over farm bills.

At around 7:15 AM, around 10 to 15 persons offloaded a tractor from a Tata 407 near the India gate and torched it. All these people belong to the Punjab Youth Congress.

Youth Congress in a tweet said, “Our country thrives on the blood and sweat of our farmers. From fighting the British to feeding the entire nation, our farmers are the nation’s backbone. On #BhagatSingh’s birth anniversary Youth Congress set ablaze a tractor in protest against the govt’s anti-farmer bills.”

Brinder Dhillon, President, Punjab Youth Congress in a tweet said, “We wanted to send a message that the protest should happen at Delhi as the issue is related to central govt and PM Modi. The farmers have to occupy India Gate and Parliament to make their voice heard to arrogant Modi. Today’s protest was symbolic and we take responsibility.”

Brinder along with his tweet shared the images of the tractor being burned at the India gate.

The police have removed the tractor and the fire has been put out by the fire department.
Legal action has been initiated against the detained people.