Killer of Afrazul releases hate videos from inside Jodhpur jail

sambhunathThe 36-year-old Shambulal Regar, who killed and burnt the body of 50-year-old Mohammad Afrazul on December 6 2017, has released two hate videos despite being lodged in a high-security central prison of Jodhpur.

In one of the hate-filled videos released, Regar is purportedly seen making offensive comments against Muslims while urging Hindus to unite against “jihadis”. He also claimed to receive death threat from one of the inmates from West Bengal.  Regar even said that he has “no regret for killing Afrazul” in the same video which got viral in no time on social media on February 19.

It was found from sources that Regar is suffering from mental disorder and all the outcomes are the consequences of his ill-mental health.

The question of concern is how Regar could get accessed to internet enabled smartphone and shot the videos while being imprisoned in one of the much claimed high-security jails of the country after Tihar jail of New Delhi.

This is also the same jail where rape convict and self-proclaimed godman Asaram Bapu is serving his terms.

According to reports, Jodhpur Central jail is known for many irregularities. In 2010, the then jailer Bharat Bhushan Bhatt was murdered by some of the inmates with a knife. In 2011, the former IG (Jail) had recovered 50 mobile phones from the jail, and in 2016-17, more than 10 cases of mobile phone recovery from the jail have been filed.

In July 2017, Ashok Rathore, the police commissioner, Jodhpur, told a court that Jodhpur jail is a breeding ground of criminals, who have been active in criminal activities from jail itself by using internet, as reported earlier.