Kabul suicide terror attack: 26 dead, 18 injured as Afghans Celebrate Persian New Year

1521627363-3973During midday, a suicide bomber struck on the road and blew himself near a Shiite shrine in Kabul, on March 20. Officials reveal that 26 people were killed and 18 others were injured in the terror attack.

Kabul’s Police Chief General Daud Amin has said that the blast took place near the Kabul University and Ali Abad hospital, around 1 km away from the Sakhi shrine, where people were gathered to celebrate Nawruz holiday which marks the beginning of the Persian new year. Nawruz is extensively celebrated in Afghanistan by Shiite people by typically visiting the shrines.

Nasrat Rahimi, spokesman of deputy interior ministry, has said that the bomber blew himself up near the Kart-e Sakhi shrine, which is also a target of previous militant attacks.

Taliban terrorist group simply denies the involvement in the attack.

GenAmin added that the probe into the security breach is underway and anyone who found to have ignored his duties would be punished.