Jupiter-Saturn’s conjunction will influence entire century

Atichari Jupiter has taught the world when topsy-turvy things are happening in the world, even during that time one can find its ways if remain focused on its mission

Modern science came to know about the space and many more contemporary discoveries in science about 400 years ago. The credit goes to imminent astronomer Galileo who discovered precisely in 1623 the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. The impact of two important planets of the solar system always create a new world which was not known to the mankind earlier. Since then science took over and the importance of church reduced forever. Jupiter is the biggest planet of the solar system and in astrology we know him as a benevolent and saviour of the world and mankind. Wherever Saturn is considered the great equalizer and bring about the justice and harmony in the world after great turmoil. We all know it was not easy for science to establish itself in the midst of medieval laws and mythological beliefs.

The basis of astrology is astronomy and we had known it about the space, solar system and many more things right from the inception of Vedas. As a matter of fact astrology goes one step ahead of Vedas and gives the knowledge of Yugas and the universe to the world. In 400 AD there was great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and its impact was so severe and it lasted for 1200 years. If you go back to the history of the world then one can know it easily that from 400 AD to 1600 AD was the darkest age of the world. A nation was always eyeing to grab the land and the power of its neighbour and neighbour is no less and many a times he succeeded before his enemy. Slavery was order of the day and knowledge and wisdom were touching its nadir.  Kingdom and monarch were ruling by sword and nobody was secure whether you live in your country or subjected to be over powered by any enemy.

Jupiter takes 11.86 years to complete the cycle of the zodiac whereas Saturn takes 29.65 years to complete the circle of the Sun. Both these two planets meet together in a sign after 20 years. The latest conjunction is very rare and happens after many centuries. On 21st December 2020 the frequency of both the planets were identical and Saturn’s ring was quite visible and Jupiter’s cloud could also be noticed. According to Indian Astrology both the planets are in Capricorn but according to Sayana or Western astrology they were in Aquarius and matching their degrees to the minutes. From some angles from the earth it looks that they are not two but one. This very point in the solar system makes this conjunction an exceptionally rare and the impact of this sort of conjunction influences thinking, attitude, culture, science, doctrine of the world forever.

Jupiter fast forward (Atichari) for the last 3+ years:

Jupiter stays in a sign for a year but for the last more than three years it has transited three signs Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn and remained in a sign was not more than 4 to 5 months in its first attempt. Since it is in a fast forward mode therefore it jumped into next sign and stays there for few months and come back to the earlier sign for a couple of months then again rushes back to next sign. Let me explain little more so it will be easier for readers to understand. Jupiter has become a migrant for the last three years and shall do for one more year.

Jupiter entered in present sign Capricorn on 20th November 2020 and on 6th April 2021 it will jump into next sign Aquarius and again come back in Capricorn on 14th September 2021 and goes back to Aquarius on 20th November 2021. In its first sojourn in Capricorn from November 2020 to April 2021 it completes 30 degrees in 137 days and when he comes back again in Capricorn in retrograde motion then it touches only 30 to 20 degrees. In other words Jupiter’s good influence on first 20 degrees was negligible and when it is retrograde then it loses more of its goodness. This pattern will continue in Aquarius sign also. It means Jupiter will attain its original movement in the next sign i.e. Pisces.

Jupiter is the biggest planet of the solar system. Jupiter is called Brahaspati in Sanskrit language which means biggest among all planets. Powerful Jupiter alone in a chart or sky can turn around the world in its favour and if it is powerless then Jupiter can be manipulated by kings, monarch and in todays language President, Prime Minister, corporate etc. Jupiter represents system, justice, health, wealth, knowledge, religion, spirituality and orderly world and its rulers. Jupiter has been allotted many attributes — states, politics, king, king’s attitude, behaviour, respect for one and all and creating a beautiful environment where everybody has a liberty to choose the profession, religion and express his choices freely within the normal parameters.

If we glance at the world’s biggest leaders, their attitude and policies for the last 3- 4 years then we can understand the negligible influence of Jupiter during these years. Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken the concurrence of their constitution to remain as a President of Russia till 2036. Lenin and others who liberated Russia about more than a century ago must be convulsing in their grave to see what has happened to their struggle. Chinese President Xi Jinping has taken the permission of its politburo to be at the helm of Chinese fortune till he breaths last. President Trump of United States is still struggling with his judiciary to halt the elected Present Joe Biden. He must be in pained to realise thathe did all right when he chosen the Supreme Court justice of America of his choice during election time but this trick is not helping him at all. If you look at other countries like Turkey, UAE, Europe then more or less all presidents, Prime Ministers and other powerful people are manipulating their constitution or laws in their favour and giving a new look to the world politics in a very surprised movement. Corporates are playing their roles from the behind and common man is almost unaware or too much busy to find its roots which has been shaken badly by pandemicand other reasons. All these powerful people consider their opponents as enemies. But this was not the culture few years back. Your opponents are as important as you are. Today you have defeated them and should be given a fair chance so they can also try another defeat with you and if they win then good luck to them.

Saturn — Jupiter conjunction:

The great Saturn — Jupiter conjunction which happened on 21st December 2020 has a biggest role to play in this present decade 2020 to 2030 and the outcome of this decade will create a new order which will be applied for the next 70 years from 2030 to end of this century. Let us understand the importance of this great conjunction which is happening in the Capricorn sign. Saturn is the master of two conjunctive signs Capricorn and Aquarius. No other planet has this privilege in the solar system. In other words, Saturn controls the 60 degrees of the zodiac which gives him extra celestial authority to control all the planets of the solar system including the Sun. Capricorn falls at the zenith of the zodiac which is known as 10th house represents actions which are happening only in the present. Being a hard task master Saturn makes sure that no manipulation will succeed and he knows what is to be done for the world and its order. The next sign is also controlled by Saturn and that decides the fruit of the action of earlier sign.

Capricorn is a moveable earthly sign and this falls at the zenith. This means that all earlier actions or karma which has been done has lost their consequences forever. Saturn wants to give a new system to the world and continuous efforts with sincerity can produce results and if one fails then Saturn knows the ways how to get works done in his favour. Unless and until paradigm shift happens, Saturn won’t rest till he sees the final results. Aquarius is the sign of space and we are in aquarian age and according to Vedic Astrology Saturn will be transiting there after sometime and a new world in the space will also be created very soon. By the way according to Western Astrology this conjunction of Saturn — Jupiter has already taken place in the sign of Aquarius at zero degree which also shows we are entering in to a new era altogether, which often I call Yuga Parivartan.

Saturn represents Masses and generally downtrodden but right now Saturn is his own sign Capricorn and later on move into Aquarius. Saturn is extremely powerful and during the conjunction of these two great planets on 21st December 2020 Saturn has taken the major role on his shoulder and wants to give a new direction to the world. As already explained Jupiter is powerless and gifted whatever positive energy it has to Saturn so he can accomplish his mission. Saturn’s brutal force and Jupiter’s wisdom will become very handy for Saturn in Capricorn to bring a paradigm shift in the coming decade of 2020 to 2030. Gradually we will notice that masses at large from different parts of the world start joining hands with each other and would resist to those laws and doctrine of the world which has been forcefully entrusted upon them. All thinking class from different walks of life will join them and oppose what they consider unlawful or inconvenience for the growth and development. For an example Kisan Movement of India is being supported by many quarters of the society. We will see this sort of movement will be happening in different fields as well as different parts of the world.

Public at large will be deeply concerned and moved for its rights and make sure no injustice is done to the society by powerful people or agencies. Cultural change is very much on the card and gradually a new order will start taking shape which will be visible after few years. Pandemic has played a big role and life and society is gone a sea change and this behaviour impact will be noticed throughout the world in the coming years.

The pattern of education is not same as used to be, and job cultural is changing very fast. Your health is your problem. Corona has taught this basic knowledge which has been missing all alone. We generally we thought that health is an issue of state or if need be you can visit doctor 24 X 7. This privilege is no longer available to all of us. One has to turn towards yoga, exercise, gym, meditation, Tao, diet and many other ingredients which require to keep one fit and strong so one can fight with all kind of eventualities.

Pollution is a biggest problem of the world and all the countries are having many conferences, consultations, seminars etc. to overcome this problem. Corona havoc and lockdown throughout the world has showed us the way that this problem is a man made but nature was extremely kind to set the things right.

During lockdown we could see the Himalayan Ranges from Delhi and other cities which was the thing of past. Peacocks were dancing on the road.

Dolphins were seen throughout the world shaking hands with children which used to be a dream before pandemic. Social distancing has taught us how we can live happy and content during our boundaries.

All rivers of the world and seas got themselves cleanse without any government’s spending a penny on it. As lockdown has taken a back seat the polluted environment can be seen all over the world again.

The world has forgotten the ancient slogan that love your neighbour but pandemic forced the entire world to be careful and concerned about your neighbour because if he is suffering from Coronavirus then your safety is in big danger. After lockdown all these changes which happened all of a sudden also disappeared and we are on the same old track.

Here comes the role of Saturn, it will induce all these doctrines into mankind in coming years and a new thinking world will start taking shape. This process will take about ten years from 2020 to 2030 and learning from this decade will be utilized in the next 70 years from 2030 to end of the century.

Fast forward (atichari) Jupiter also played a big role and given a new thinking and approach to the world. Within a year’s time all important countries have created the Corona vaccine on a fast forward mode. The kind of urgency was seen in this issue was never imagined earlier in this world.

Aids virus started spreading in eighties and no vaccine has been invented so far. The same story can be told about other deadly diseases. Atichari Jupiter has taught the world when topsy-turvy things are happening in the world even during that time one can find its ways if remain focused on its mission. Many more inventions will happen in the next ten years and they will also put the world on a fast forward mode. As a matter of fact we are leaving behind many things and entering into a new era which will become the order of the day in this century.