Ideas to spice up life

Everyone needs a break, a little escape, some adventure, crazy moments or change in looks, lots of fun and frolic, writes Ranju Walia

He felt like a machine which was working hard to segregate goodness. Payments received, payments made, orders streamlined. He grabbed for another file to work out but was surprised and shocked at the same time. It was all done for the day. He checked the clock and saw the small needle which was stuck at number 3.

Meet Amar, a silent worker, running a manufacturing unit for the past seven years.

A day like today was rare in his factory life. All tasks were over. He rested his back on his chair and started staring at the roof. But today his eyes were waiting for him to command those skinny shutters over them to draw. He took a deep breath and his eyes took the charge of his brain and made him to recall all those course — changing moments of his journey as a businessman.

There was a time when he was not able to understand the hidden sub- texts in the conversations made with him by his workers and customers but now all his senses were well synchronised for decoding those sub-texts. Now he could finalise the deals with least problematic customers and handle his workers too in an intelligent and diplomatic way. During this span of life he dealt with almost thousands of characters of different shades.

Everything was phenomenal but during this metamorphosis, to some extent he lost his innocence.

He was tired of pulling the masks from the faces to get a true look. Practically he was doing great but somewhere deep inside his heart he realised that maximum people work on fake grounds. They set up a phony situational circumstance to deceive people. He never dreamt of going into any kind of business with fraudulent companies. Many times he sensed the bogus stories and managed to escape from the grip of their loss rewarding claws.

He felt like a machine which was working hard to segregate goodness. He was actually fishing for authenticity and genuinity from the seas of dishonesty and negative casual approaches.

Still it was all normal for him till today. Now suddenly his brain was refusing to be a part of it anymore, but he could not allow his practical mind to act accordingly. Time and situation can never allow that.

This time his feet came to his rescue and held the responsibility of him as a whole and brought him to the outskirts of the city. He reached a point high enough to give him a bird’s eye view of the city.

The air was fresh. Silence up there was very consoling. He started spotting the known buildings of the city from that comforting height. Hundreds of buildings, schools, hospitals, offices and houses.

He could imagine thousands of people in the hospitals, thousands alone, thousands of infants and thousands of aged, thousands in schools preparing themselves to face future unforeseen challenges.

He realised that from a distance we are just statistics but in a closer view, we all are stories. You, he, she – only a story and so am I. All unique, but similar in some ways.

He also realised that the world is moving too fast for him and he is continuously failing to keep up. He could not recognise the names of most contemporary famous personalities and understand the words in freshly aired songs and speeches on political issues. He felt paralysed and choked in the darkness of helplessness. He wanted some light to fall on him to rescue. He felt numbness all over and everything went still and silent.

After a couple of minutes a sound came from somewhere within him .

“One thing that you can’t take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me. I have the freedom to choose my attitude in any given circumstance. If I can’t change the situation, let me enjoy it. If light fails to fall on me. No problem. I will go and stand where it is falling.”

Numbness subsided. Blood rushed through all the arteries and filled a new zeal from head to toe. At the same time a waft of sweet air started soothing his senses. He started looking for the source and soon found a bush laden with yellow berries. He plucked few and chewed.

Thanked nature for the tasty munch. He felt charged up, invigorated and moved on with a clear vision .

He got the share of his light .

His feet guided him back to the mainstream to carry on with the routine.

So this was Amar who found spice of his life in a small bush flourishing on a small hill. Just a small break and he was ready to play the next innings. Now fun and joy both are present there as partners standing by his sides.

What about you ?

We all can associate with Amar. We all need a break, a little escape, some adventure, crazy moments or change in looks, lots of fun and frolic.

No, no !!

You are not supposed to pack your stuff for a world tour or a scuba diving. Every one of us cannot pick such adventures. Go for a trail in a nearby forest or hill, an aimless drive without any planned destination in mind, just start in your vehicle towards any direction.

I know it is good to gain idea and knowledge about a place before visiting it, but I suggest at least once in your life don’t do it. Go without any particular kind of preparation and I assure you that you will enjoy and rejuvenate yourself and will make moments and stories to be cherished and remembered in future .

If these things are not possible then don’t worry. There are many other ways to spice up your life.

Simply go to your store room, open your almirahs and boxes to refresh your memories packed in the form of old albums, poems, diaries, toys or dresses.

These things will take you down the memory lane and will spice up your dormant zeal.

Always remember that no one’s life is as picturesque as it looks in social media. We all have normal lives full of joys and sorrows. From the core we all are same but unique in our own ways.

You are never late to start a good thing. Don’t wait for the proper time. Proper time will never come. You have to pluck the time from the branches of day and night. Choose any activity which matches your age ,taste and situation.

Now is the time to give a green signal .

Go ahead! Good luck!! Stay bounced, stay unique and stay blessed!!! Take care !!!