Have Chinese occupied Indian territory in Ladakh?: Rahul Gandhi questions Rajnath Singh

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday asked Defence Minister Rajnath Singh if Chinese troops have occupied Indian territory in Ladakh.

“Once RM is done commenting on the hand symbol, can he answer: Have the Chinese occupied Indian territory in Ladakh?” Rahul tweeted.

Rahul’s comment came after Singh took a swipe at the Congress leader, who had earlier raised questions over the issue of border dispute with China.

It all began when Rahul targeted Union Home Minister Amit Shah over his statement at a virtual rally that India’s defence policy has gained global acceptance and that the country is next to the US, Israel in protecting its borders.

Rahul reacted by using couplet by legendary Urdu-Persian poet Mirza Ghalib. “Everyone knows the reality of the borders but to keep the heart happy, ‘Shah-yad’ it is a good idea.”

Hours later, the Defence Minister hit back at Congress leader saying, “when there is a pain in the hand, use medicine, but what should one do when the hand itself is a pain.”

“Haath me dard ho to dawa kije, haath hi jab dard ho to kya kije,” Singh tweeted.