Haryana Cabinet Approves Setting up of Sports University in Haryana

Haryana Cabinet on Wednesday approved Setting up of Sports University in Haryana. To promote sports education in the areas of sports sciences, tv sports technology, sports management and sports coaching besides functioning as the training centre for select sports disciplines by adopting best international practices.

The Haryana Sport University will be designed to undertake research in different aspects of sports and prepare students for the job market around sports. The University will also prepare students for the emerging job market around sports such as sports science, physiotherapy and sports medicine where jobs for graduates is also available in the job market. The training institute will form a part of the Sports University as a separate entity but under the structure of the University. A suggestive list of departments and faculties is as follows :
•       Sports Medicine
•       Sports Infrastructure Engineering
•       Sports Science, Kinesiology and Clinical Biomechanics
•       Sports Psychology
•       Sports Nutrition
•       Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
•       Sports Journalism
•       Sports Marketing
•       Sports Coaching and Physical Education

The Governor will be the Patron/Visitor and a prominent, educated sportsperson of international repute will be the Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor (VC) shall have sports credentials rather than only academic credentials. The Search-cum-Selection Committee shall include at least two prominent sports personalities and headed by an academic of repute. 

The concept of joint degrees shall be promoted whereby the sports-related education is obtained from the Sports University. Provision shall be made in the legislation for joint degrees and joint faculty appointments.