Give Your Wife the Security She Needs with a GPS Tracker for Car

The concerns of women security are on the rise in the nation. These security issues are even more severe in metropolitan cities like Delhi where 33% of cases reported in 2016 were crime against women. The crime rate in the capital is the highest in comparison to the national average. These alarming numbers would keep everyone with a wife, daughter or mother on their toes always.  

It is evident by the looks of it that there are more male drivers on the road than women. According to a research done by Road Transport Year book 2015-2016, there’s only a total of 11% women on the Indian roads that drive. It’s needless to say that roads need to be made a safer and more inclusive place for women. For now, women are outnumbered on the roads and feel uncomfortable while driving. Even when they are in the company of a chauffeur, they are on the edge of their seats and can’t always stop fearing for their safety. It becomes a necessity to equip your car with devices such as a GPS tracker to be assured of their safety.

Women in India are quickly becoming more independent and excelling in most career fields; every house has a working woman. Here are a few instances where your wife could feel like her safety is threatened on the roads and how a GPS tracker could help them.

  • In Case of a Break Down

No matter how new or expensive your car is, it is bound to run into some trouble or other eventually. This experience becomes even scarier when a woman is driving through a deserted location in the middle of the night. During instances like these, phones and network notoriously stop cooperating. It becomes essential to reach out to them and provide them safety; this is where a GPS tracker comes handy. You can easily track them with the help of the device and get them back on the road in no time.

  • Ensuring Safety Even with a Chauffeur

It can get scary to return home from a late-night party or a meeting, even with a chauffeur. Since the women in the car aren’t in command of the vehicle, she is bound to feel unsafe and threatened. You can never be too sure about when the chauffeur takes a de-tour and puts her safety in jeopardy. With a GPS tracker, you can always keep a check on the whereabouts of the vehicle, and the driver also has a fear of being in a regular check.

  • Driving Back Home Late

The Delhi Police recently busted members of a significant crime gang called the ‘Thak-Thak’ gang; groups like these make the roads of the country even more unsafe for women to drive on. Almost every house has a working woman in their family, you can’t help but feel insecure about them driving back home late at night. A GPS tracking device provides a sense of surety and comfort that the woman of your house is safe and secure.

  • Phone Out of Battery

Driving on the Indian roads as a woman is challenging, she must always be vigilant and careful to ensure that she is safe. You are bound to be worried when the lady in your life is driving alone. You are bound to freak out and develop a few greys when she goes AWOL; this could happen by the phone battery draining out. A GPS device with calling feature can feel like god sent in situations like these!

Does a Mere GPS Device Suffice?

There have been an alarming 1,47,913 deaths in the year 2017 due to road accidents in India according to Ministry of Road Transport and Highway Report. These numbers are bound to make anyone worried about their loved ones and their own safety. Various other threats are present out on the road for women, other than the ones mentioned above. We need to ask ourselves whether just a GPS device can resolve all the threats on the road or not?

To deal with the advancing threats, you need a technologically advanced device as well. One such device is KENT CamEye, it has many other features other than a GPS tracker. Some of the features include – dual camera, two-way microphone, route playback, cloud storage, over speeding alert, and so much more. This device has been made mainly keeping in mind all the needs of Indians on the roads. So, don’t wait and gift your wife this device for her car, directly to your doorstep from Amazon!