Give farmers their rights, don’t disrespect them: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said farmers are protesting on the streets and a lie giving speeches on TV.

“Farmers are protesting on the streets and a ‘lie’ giving speeches on television. We all are indebted to the farmers for their hard work. We can repay their debt by giving them justice, not by disrespecting or mistreating them by hitting them with lathis or tear-gas shells. Wake up, get down from the ego chair and think, and give the farmers their rights,” the former Congress President tweeted.

Thousands of farmers from several states have been protesting since last week against the Centre’s new farm laws.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said, “New agricultural reforms have given farmers new options & new legal protection. Earlier, transactions outside the markets were illegal. Now a small farmer can take legal action. The farmers have now got new options and legal protection from fraud.”

“Confusion is spread in society about what has not happened yet & which will never happen. The same is happening in the case of agricultural reforms. These are the same people who have consistently tricked the farmers for decades,” the Prime Minister said.