E-cigarettes, tobacco use harmful for human health; says PM Modi in Mann ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed the nation through his monthly radio broadcast- Mann Ki Baat. The PM talked about the relevance of Fit India, urged youth to end tobacco consumption and emphasised on a ban on single-use plastic. 

He said his government has banned e-cigarettes because they have very harmful effects on human health, especially on the youth. In his Mann Ki Baat broadcast, PM Modi said many youth today have the misconception that e-cigarettes are harmless.

“We all know that addiction to tobacco is very harmful for health and it becomes very difficult to quit this addiction. People who consume tobacco are vulnerable to high risk diseases like cancer, diabetes, blood pressure etc. Everyone knows that. Tobacco intoxication occurs due to the nicotine present in it. Brain development is hampered by its consumption during adolescence,” Modi said.

“You must be knowing that, recently the e-cigarette got banned in India. An e-cigarette is a type of electronic device unlike a typical cigarette. In an e-cigarette, the heating of nicotine-containing fluids creates a type of chemical smoke and this is the pathway through which nicotine is consumed. While we all understand the dangers of common cigarettes, a misconception has been generated about e-cigarettes,” he added.

Modi said, “I urge all of you to quit the addiction to tobacco and do not harbour any misconceptions about e-cigarettes. Come, let us all build a healthy India.”

While talking about Fit India , Modi said Fit India does not mean that if we go to the gym for two hours every morning and evening, it will suffice! All these addictions have to be avoided to be a part of Fit India. “I am sure you will not misconstrue whatever I’ve said, but rather happily accept my counsel; I will definitely like it,” he added.

While talking about 150 anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Modi said it is a matter of pride not only for India but for the entire world today, while we are celebrating ‘Gandhi 150’, our 130 crore countrymen have pledged to be rid from the menace of Single Use Plastic. In view of the kind of lead that India has taken towards environmental protection, today the countries of the entire world are looking towards India as a model example.

“I am confident that you will all be a part of the campaign for liberation from the menace of Single Use Plastic on October 2. In India, citizens are contributing in this campaign in their own way. But, a young man from our country has initiated a very unique campaign,” he said.

He said, “My attention was drawn towards his work, so I talked to him on the phone and tried to understand the new experiment being attempted by him. It could be that this attempt of his may work for other people of our country. Ripudaman Belviji is making a unique effort by attempting plogging!”

Modi wished everyone  for various festivals that will be celebrated in the oncoming season in India, which is filled with diversity!

“Happiness should co-exist with joy, and of course there must also be enthusiasm and our festivals do indeed bring the aroma of collectiveness, and also the rituals connected with communal harmony. Symbiotic living provides us with renewed vigour and the festive season is the symbol of the culmination of that renewed vigour,” he said.