Delhi’s MLAs get over 66% salary hike

New Delhi: Ahead of the Delhi Budget session scheduled to begin from March 17, the salaries and allowances of MLAs and ministers have been increased to more than 66 per cent.

According to a notification from the Law Department of the Delhi government, the MLAs will now get Rs 90, 000 every month, an increase from the previous Rs 54, 000.

According to the notification, the salary and allowances of the Chief Minister and ministers, speaker, deputy speaker, chief whip, and leader of the opposition have also been increased from the existing Rs 72, 000 to Rs 1, 70, 000 per month.

As per the notification, the basic salary of the legislators has increased from Rs 12, 000 monthly to Rs 30, 000 and that of ministers from Rs 20, 000 to Rs 60, 000 per month.

The daily allowance has also increased from Rs 1, 000 to Rs 1, 500.

In July 2022, the Delhi Assembly passed a proposal to increase the salary of MLAs and ministers.

After getting the President’s approval for this proposal, the Law Department has issued a notification for salary hike.

The salary hike for the legislator will be effective from February 14 when the President gave her assent to the move.