Delhi L-G sent back file related to hike in agricultural land circle rates

New Delhi : The Delhi government has claimed that the circle rate increased for agricultural land were halted by L-G V.K. Saxena, sources said.

AAP sources said that Kejriwal government had sent the file for approval to increase the circle rate by up to 10 times for agricultural land to L-G, who instead of giving approval, sent it back with two objections.

“Consequently, the wait for Delhi’s farmers for the increase in the circle rate has extended. It is noteworthy that on August 7, the Kejriwal government decided to increase the circle rate for agricultural land in Delhi after 15 years.

Delhi L-G Saxena has previously halted several initiatives in the interest of the public, including sending government school teachers to Finland for training and offering free yoga classes, ” the sources said.

They said that Revenue Minister Atishi had presented the proposal to increase the circle rate for agricultural land before Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who had immediately approved it.

Kejriwal had said that this had been a long-standing demand of Delhi’s farmers to increase the rates of their agricultural land.

“I am delighted to inform all our farmer brothers in Delhi that your demand has been fulfilled. Your government will always work for your welfare, this is what Kejriwal had said, ” the source said.

AAP said that Kejriwal government took a significant decision in favor of farmers as there was a change in the circle rates of agricultural land in Delhi for the first time since 2008.

From 2008 until now, the circle rate for agricultural land in Delhi has remained at only Rs 53 lakh per acre. Because of this, when farmers wanted to sell their land, they did not get the appropriate price for it.

Additionally, when the Delhi government acquired land from farmers for projects like roads, flyovers, universities, hospitals, etc., they compensated them based on the notified circle rate of Rs 53 lakh per acre.

“Having a lower circle rate for agricultural land not only affects farmers but also the Delhi government. When farmers receive less compensation for their land, they are reluctant to give their land for government projects. This often leads to lengthy legal disputes that delay development projects. Therefore, changes were made to the circle rates to ensure fair compensation to farmers during land acquisition, ” the source said.

Currently, the circle rate for agricultural land in Delhi varies across different districts. New Delhi and South districts have a circle rate of Rs 5 crore per acre, while North, West, Northwest, and Southwest districts have a rate of Rs 3 crore per acre.

Central and Southeast Delhi have a rate of Rs 2.5 crore per acre, and Shahdara, Northeast, and East districts have a rate of Rs 2.25 crore per acre.

The sources said that the Delhi government’s decision had two significant benefits for Delhi’s farmers: they could sell their land at a fair price in the market, and the government could acquire land at a just compensation when needed for development projects.

Proposed circle rates of agricultural land in Delhi: South Delhi and New Delhi Rs 5 crores per acre; North Delhi, West Delhi, North West, and South West Delhi Rs 3 crores per acre; Central and South East Delhi Rs 2.5 crores per acre; Shahadra, North East, and East Delhi Rs 2.25 crores per acre.