DCW rescues 16 young girls trafficked from Nepal in Munirka

The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) on July 24 night, rescued 16 young girls from Delhi’s Munirka area, who were trafficked from Nepal on the verge of being trafficked to Iraq and Kuwait. The rescued girls have been sent to a shelter home.

Senior officials said that at around 1.30am, DCW received a tip-off about the girls and teams along with DCW Chief Swati Maliwal, rushed to the spot and finally rescued the girls.

“I reached Munirka with my team and informed the Delhi Police. We rescued the girls together. The girls told us how the agents had promised them jobs in Iran and Kuwait. They were cramped up in a small room,” the DCW chief Maliwal said.

She further added, “An Non-Governmental Organisation had informed us that the girls are being trafficked to Iran and Kuwait on the pretext of jobs offer today. This trafficking operation had been going on for eight months. Apart from these 16 girls, there were at least seven others who have already been trafficked to the two gulf nations.”

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal expressing anger on the incident tweeted, “Where are BJP, LG, Home Minister, Prime Minister? Delhi police is under them. What r they doing? It was their duty to stop this.”

While questioning how could the police be unaware of the racket when the location was just 500 metres away from the police station she said, ”Unless the accountability of the police is not strictly set, such incidents and rackets will continue.”