Coronavirus: US suspends all travel from Europe for 30 days

US President Donald Trump has announced a 30-day ban on all travel from Europe to United States to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. However, Trump specified that the restriction would not apply to the United Kingdom.

“We will be suspending all travel from Europe, except the United Kingdom, for the next 30 days. The policy goes into effect Friday at midnight,” Trump said.

Trump, in a series of tweets, said, “Someone needs to tell the Democrats in Congress that CoronaVirus doesn’t care what party you are in. We need to protect ALL Americans!”

“Together we are putting into policy a plan to prevent, detect, treat and create a vaccine against CoronaVirus to save lives in America and the world. America will get it done!,” he added.

Trump said, “America is the Greatest Country in the world. We have the best scientists, doctors, nurses and health care professionals. They are amazing people who do phenomenal things every day…,”

“We have the greatest healthcare system, experts, scientists and doctors anywhere in the world. Together, we will PREVAIL!” he added.

“I want to thank all of our Great Government officials on the CoronaVirus Task Force who are working around the clock, in response to the CoronaVirus,” Trump wrote.

“The Media should view this as a time of unity and strength. We have a common enemy, actually, an enemy of the World, the CoronaVirus. We must beat it as quickly and safely as possible. There is nothing more important to me than the life & safety of the United States!” he added.

World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday declared coronavirus a global pandemic.

The number of cases across the globe has risen to more than 120000 with over 4000 deaths.