Coronavirus Outbreak: India confirms 40th case as 3-year-old child in Kerala tests positive

A three-year-old minor in Kerala has tested positive for coronavirus, taking the total number of affected people in the country to 40.

The child and his family have a travelled history to Italy. The child has been kept in isolation ward.

On Sunday, the health ministry confirmed five new cases of COVID-19. These five cases have been confirmed from Kerala.

Indian Government is keeping a close watch on the situation and a number of measures have been taken to contain the spread of COVID-19. Cabinet Secretary took the 16th review meeting on Sunday and the preparations to bring Indian citizens from Iran were elaborately discussed which are at an advance stage.

Since the disease has spread over more than 90 countries with over 1 lakh cases worldwide, the States/ UTs have been asked to enhance community surveillance as per the list of passengers provided to the States/UTs, the statement said.

In view of rising cases from France, USA, Spain, it was decided to have dedicated aerobridges of these countries also in addition to the 12 countries, it said.