Congress releases ‘Black Paper’ upon ‘White Paper’ of Modi government

New Delhi : Congress party released a “black paper” against the Centre over its failures in the last 10 years just after a white paper was released on the mismanagement of the economy in the UPA regime.  

Titled ’10 Saal Anyay Kaal 2014-2024 (10 years of injustice)’, the black paper says the country’s economy has been “devastated”, unemployment “aggravated” and agriculture sector “destroyed” during the Modi regime, and that it has “abetted” crimes against women and “committed grave injustices” against minorities, demonetisation and flawed GST, which have only increased the divide between the rich & the poor and devastated the future of millions of farmers and daily wage workers.

“Today we are bringing out a ‘black paper’ against the government. Whenever PM Modi presents his views in Parliament, he hides his failure. At the same time, when we speak about his failures of the government, it is not given importance.  So, we want to bring out a Black Paper and tell the public about the failure of the government”

The move to release the black paper comes amid speculation that the Modi government will bring a white paper in parliament to show the economic crisis of the UPA government between 2004 and 2014.

Speaking in Rajya Sabha in his farewell speech for the retiring members of the house PM Narendra Modi said, “When the country is touching new heights in the last 10 years, we take it as ‘kala teeka’ to help ward off the evil eye.” He said Kharge being an elder has put this ‘kaala teeka’ for the good work being done by our government in the country’s progress.

“Kharge ji is here. If a child does something good, if a child gets ready for a special occasion and puts on nice clothes, someone in the family puts a ‘kaala tika’ to ward off the evil eye. Over the past 10 years, the country is climbing new summits of prosperity. To ensure we are safe from the evil eye, an attempt has been made to put a ‘kaala tika’. I want to thank Kharge ji for that,” the Prime Minister said in a sarcastic response to the Congress move.