Congress misled nation on Article 370, PM Modi says in Srinagar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his visit to Srinagar on Thursday, accused the Congress of misleading the nation on the now-abrogated Article 370.  

Addressing a public rally in Srinagar, the PM asserted that Jammu and Kashmir is experiencing new heights of development as it breathes freely.

Referring to J&K as the “head of India,” the Prime Minister emphasized that the path to development in the region will emerge from tourism opportunities and the empowerment of farmers. He highlighted the significance of a developed Jammu and Kashmir for a developed India.

As part of his visit, PM Modi unveiled development projects worth over Rs 6,400 crore, focusing on the tourism sector under the “Swadesh Darshan” and “PRASHAD” schemes. The projects also include initiatives for the integrated development of the Hazratbal shrine in Srinagar.

The Prime Minister said that the dedicated development projects will significantly boost the overall development of Jammu and Kashmir.