Nothing to be surprised, deaths are on the rise!

Never before did the country witness such large-scale annihiliation of human beings, who have become more vulnerable to pollution, stray animals and state machinery as the governments of the day look on

I am more than shocked when rulers of the day continue to talk of growth, development, longevity, and whatever else they can package in their package of lies. In fact, contrary to their bogus claims, never before we have witnessed the sheer destruction of the human being. Yes, today, in these so-called developed times that we are more prone to deaths and decay.

The environmental pollution is killing our very organs. Not to overlook the noise pollution hitting the very heart. And the limbs cannot be left spared with strays around. In fact, in these recent months wherever I have travelled local residents have cried out, detailing the havoc caused by monkeys and dogs on the prowl. Blatantly attacking pedestrians and intruding into homes and fields yet there is nobody out there to harness their moves. Shouldn’t the municipal authorities step in? Shield the human being from these deadly attacks.

In fact, though we talk of dengue and viral fevers but little focus on rabies. Why? What’s become of us to be overlooking these deadly animal bites and attacks. At least during the Raj days, strays were kept far away from the residential quarters but today who the hell cares whether our flesh is ripped through and we die a painful death.

Rulers of yesteryears ordered killings; those off-with-the-head sentences to be carried out instantly, at one go. Today’s rulers prefer to kill slowly but rather too steadily. After all, they have got to talk big and bogus that they do not believe in killings! But see what’s happening in detention centres and in the jails and prisons of the country. Isn’t it time that overcrowded prison cells pave way for open jails where those imprisoned do not die a slow death!

Not to overlook the official killings by the State machinery. In the state of Uttar Pradesh, since March 2017, more than 50 people have been killed in 1,100 State-conducted encounters. State terrorism is at its peak! And those spared by the Stare machinery are lynched and brutalised by goon brigades nurtured by the rulers of the day. In fact, private senas have been raised by several of the political who’s who of the day, to terrify and terrorise the local population.

As the general elections of 2019 get closer, there are apprehensions that these private brigades will gain ground, wreck havoc on the disadvantaged segments. And who the hell is bothered if riots are triggered off, destroying many more lives. Look what’s been happening in and around Ayodhya. Even before the court could come out with the crucial verdict on the Babri masjid, Shiv sainiks descended, relaying fear to such an extent that many Muslim and Dalit families left their ancestral homes in Ayodhya.

Killings are taking place as never before in the conflict zones of the country, including  Kashmir, the North East and the Naxal belts. And where is the required transparency and the much-needed accountability to get to know the profiles of those killed by the State machinery along the set alibis?

Today, State tyranny has hit campuses where the students are treated like criminals. Political mafia is holding sway in the university departments, intruding right into the classrooms and hostels. Hired political goons are made to enter campuses to cause rifts and with that less of academics and more of a war like situation.

What happened at the Hyderabad Central University campus and also on the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University or even at the Delhi University are grim reminders of the level to which the State machinery could be used to crush young rebellious voices. Right-wing’s intrusion was more than writ large after Rohith Vemula’s death on the campus of the Hyderabad Central University. Little need to elaborate on the recent hounding and disappearance of students from other university campuses.

Why don’t we talk of the terrible hunger pangs killing hundreds.Malnutrition deaths could frighten you and I, but for the ruthless rulers these are just numerical numbers. These rulers can talk of vote -banks and money-banks but not of roti or milk banks, from where those basics could flow out to help saves lives of hundreds of our dying malnourished children.

The biggest irony of the day is that farmers who try and feed us are hanging themselves because they cannot cope with the daily round of struggles. And what has the sarkar done to harness the killings of the kisan — well, nothing very much except deceit them with hollow words and bogus promises of loan waivers!

Killings are taking place in our border towns and along the LoC. It would be significant to know how many of today’s politicians send their sons or daughters to the armed forces to fight on the battle field! Correct me if I’m wrong but these numbers would be dismal if not near- nil. Nah, none of their sons and daughters are soldiers or sipahis.

With this backgrounder, how does the politician know the ground realities to the border areas along the LoC? On those day-long visits to these areas, he interacts with the soldiers on those formality ridden formats and completes his visit by rendering a frilly fairy tale speech. That’s about it.

He does not realise that the soldiers are the most vulnerably placed. Sitting ducks with just about the basics to survive with. Sitting in bunkers, stressed out and tense, there are no avenues for them to cope with the daily round of stress. Perhaps, that explains why there are rising cases of suicides and attempts to shoot even their colleagues.

Why do the rulers of the day go on those flying visits! Why don’t they spend a fortnight up there, along the border areas, and interact with them. Why that rush to fly back! With the formality over and down with, they have got to get back to their comfort zone.

Yet, how very easily the politician of the day gives those attack or kill orders! Why doesn’t the politician want to use diplomacy and diplomats! Why do the political moves of the day help the international arms lobbies and the expansionist designs of the superpowers.

Read any of the historical and mythological text. Stands out the fact that even in those yesteryears, wars were the last option. Foremost were talks and discussions and negotiations. Rounds and rounds of heady diplomacy, with all possible diplomatic tactics involved. After all, wars and surgical strikes bring along killings and disasters of the lasting sorts.