BJP President Nadda addressed Public rally in favor of BJP Amritsar Lok  Sabha candidate

30 May 2024 Amritsar Bharatiya Janta Party president Jagat Prakash Nadda addresses his supporters during an election rally on the last day of campaign for the Last phase of general elections, in Amritsar on Thursday. PHOTO-PRABHJOT GILL AMRITSAR

Amritsar : BJP National President JP Nadda here today addressed large crowd of BJP supporters in the Public rally which was organized here today in favor of BJP candidate for Amritsar Lok Sabha, Taranjit Singh Sandhu.

JP Nadda started his speech with the slogan ‘Jo Bole So Nihal’.

Addressing the gathering, he said that Sikh Gurus have given the message of patriotism and equality to the world. “I salute the youth and martyrs of Punjab. The three colours of the tricolour represent martyrdom, peace and green revolution in Punjab”.

Speaking on law an order situation of Punjab, he said drug addiction and law and order situation is bad here. There is no technology to lift garbage as lot of garbage at evey nook and corner of city. Punjab Government led by AAP party has ruined the plight of this holy city. Now time has come when  Amritsar will improve only with BJP candidate from Amritsar would win the elections.

He said that  in the first hundred days of the formation of BJP government, we will provide permanent shelter to the people, will not let anyone loot, would bring central schemes. He said that PM Modi left no stone unturned in the work of the soldier brothers.

Lashing at Congress and AAP, he said both the polical parties were badly perturbed due to the arrival of ‘Citizenship Amendment Act; whereas, under this, 230 families were given citizenship. 

To please the  Sikh community, he said that Congress started forgetting the martyrdom of Sahibzadas, but we (BJP) started the tradition of celebrating Veer Bal Diwas. If anyone has worked for the Sikhs, it was Modi, he quipped.

He said that our party initiated the work of bringing holy Guru Granth Sahib from Afghanistan but Congress was having problem with it. Nadda said India reaching the third position in the automobile industry since India in number 3 position in the world in manufacturing of all latest vehicles in the Automobile industry. 

Taking about militancy, Nadda said that earlier terrorists were fed biryani in Kashmir but it is not so now. He said that now India is changing. Now we believe in surgical strikes and give befitting reply to our enemies.