Art thou ready?

A Gigantic fibreglass head depicting an immortal baby born into new media, an oversized rubber stamp that gives a sly nod towards the bureaucratic system’s general direction, a human sculpture that sits calmly meditating in front of a wheel spraying mud on it and a steel-body tree that explores the building disconnect with nature – these are just a few of the exhibits that will be on display at the India Art Fair, 2014.
Into its sixth year, the fair is one of the most anticipated events in the Indian art calendar apart from being the “most important platform for facilitating dialogue exchange and trade in the region” for the arts fraternity. And this year, it promises to stretch the very limits of aesthetic imagination by collating creative genius across incredibly disparate genres.
Over 20 exhibiting booths and one thousand artists will showcase their vision through a range of contemporary and genre-bending works. Also, as many as 24 unique art projects have been lined up. But despite the immense scale of most of the projects one doesn’t feel too far removed from the artists’ ideas, and that may just be the beauty of IAF 2014.
Here’s a sampler of what the cognoscenti can expect this time around.
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