Another PWD fraud worth Rs 5 crore detected at Ambala

Fraud after frauds worth crores of rupees by PWD (B&R) officers in construction of government buildings detected at Ambala in past few months has raised a question mark over the working of ruling BJP-JJP government in Haryana state.

There are large number of sensational scams reported at Ambala in past some time which include Rs 46 crore  fraud in construction of International level Football Stadium inside War Heroes Memorial Sports Stadium at Ambala Cantt, construction of Mini Secretariat at Ambala City in which payment worth crores of rupees was released to steel suppliers without receipt of material, large number of  embezzlements in construction of Mini Secretariat at Ambala City, in construction of Women College building at Ambala City, construction of building for Homeopathy College at Chandpuri near Ambala Cantt in which in fraud worth crores of rupees was detected and now the latest case of fraud alleged in construction of 96 flats for the doctors and para-medical staff near Civil Hospital Ambala Cantt in which payment worth Rs 5 crore was released to a supplier for purchase of steel frames for doors and windows without receipt of material.

Haryana state government had suspended three officers of PWD (B&R) department at Ambala including an Executive Engineer, an SDO and a Junior Engineer allegedly involved in embezzlements and a six members committee led by two chief engineers are investigating the frauds at Ambala since past six days. Meanwhile, construction company named in alleged fraud, too, has moved a writ in Punjab and Haryana High Court against government officers.

The recent fraud for amount worth Rs 5 crore in construction of 96 flats for doctors and para-medical staff of Civil Hospital Ambala Cantt on Ambala-Jagadhri  Road by PWD (B&R) has been exposed in which payment for amount  worth Rs 5 crore towards supply of steel frames for doors and windows has been been released by PWD (B&R) department without receipt of material and government has served a notice to the supplier and has terminated the tender contract.

According to information, project for construction of 96 residential flats for the doctors and para-medical staff of civil hospital was to be completed in October, 2021 but still lying incomplete.

Haryana Home & Health Minister Anil Vij has taken a serious view in large number of scams in his Vidhan Sabha constituency by the officers of PWD (B&R) and has ordered stern action against all those involved in alleged frauds including the firms involved in construction and supply of material. He said, fresh tenders are being invited in all fraud cases to enable work not delayed and all those involved in frauds will have to go behind bars.