AAP workers protest against Sanjay Singh’s arrest by ED

New Delhi : Following the arrest of AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh, the party workers and leaders on Tuesday held a protest in the national Capital.

The AAP also claimed that while they were on the way to gherao BJP headquarters, the Delhi Police thrashed party workers and detained hundreds of them.

Scores of AAP party workers and leaders also raised slogans “Sanjay Singh sher hai” and “Modi jab-jab darta hai, ED ko aage karta hai.”

AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sandeep Pathak said during the protest that the BJP had got Sanjay Singh arrested in a bogus case because they know that now it is difficult for the saffron party to stop the AAP.

“The BJP is misusing institutions like the ED and the CBI for its electoral gains. The BJP is conspiring to destroy the Constitution and democracy. I want to tell the BJP government that no matter how many fake cases they file against AAP leaders, no matter how many AAP leaders they put in jail, it will not scare us. Now, it is impossible for them to stop the AAP.

“For us, national interest comes first and our fight is to save the Constitution of the country. We will fight against the BJP dictatorship and end it once and for all, ” said Pathak.

During the protest, AAP MLA Kuldeep Kumar said that for the last 15 months, the ED and CBI had been investigating a bogus case at the behest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but they could not find anything.

“The Supreme Court also said that if this case goes to the court on basis of the allegations levelled by the ED, it will not last a minute. Even after this, they continue to arrest our leaders.

“MP Sanjay Singh is the loudest voice of the poor. He does not hesitate to speak against the Modi government. That’s why the Modi government has got him arrested through ED, ” said Kumar.

“The police have beaten our workers brutally even though they were protesting peacefully. Many people received head injuries. They even thrashed the women. This brutality of the police shows that Modi has destroyed the Constitution and democracy, ” he said.