Aam Aadmi clinics; old wine in new bottles: Raja Warring

Chandigarh: Punjab Congress president Amarinder Singh Raja Warring today described as merely publicity stunt the opening of the Aam Aadmi clinics in Punjab saying, it was a classic case of old wine in new bottles as the government was only renaming the existing health facilities. 

Besides, the PCC president remarked, these clinics looked more like Aam Aadmi Party offices and extension counters than health centres.

Reacting to the opening of the clinics in Punjab, he pointed out, that the state government was only renaming the already existing facilities in the and naming these as “Aam Aadmi clinics” as its purpose was more to gain political mileage than provide healthcare to the people.

Warring said, in the mad race of getting the numbers of so called clinics jacked up, the AAP government had replaced the historic and religious names of various centres including the one in Amritsar which was named after one of the Panj Pyaras.

He asked as why these clinics were not named as “government clinics” and why as Aam Aadmi clinics with Chief Minister’s photograph.

Who is paying for it, the government or the AAP? he asked, while asserting that the names of these clinics must be changed. He also hinted at initiating legal course for the same. 

“First of all there was no need to open such clinics as Punjab already has a robust healthcare system which was proved by the fact that the government was only renaming the existing healthcare facilities and superimposing party name on them which is illegal”, he said, while adding, “it was only trying to propagate and publicise its party name”.