Youth beaten to death in broad day light

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In a brutal attack, a 23-year-old youth was beaten to death in broad day light at Vakkom, Kadakkavoor, rural outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram on 31st January. The mobile footage of the attack shot by a passerby came out on 1st February  after which the incident came to light.
Brutally injured in the incident, the youth succumbed to his injuries on Monday at Thiruvananthapuram Medical college. The police identified the deceased as Shabeer, son of  Zakeer  Hussain of Vakkom. The visual which was posted on social media was aired by news channels on Monday evening. Later, the visuals were taken off air following an appeal from rural SP Shefeen Ahamed.
According to the police the attack took place on Sunday around 4 pm near Vakkom railway gate. Shabeer and his friend Unnikrishnan were going towards Nilakkal from Vakkom when they were intercepted and waylaid by a group of six assailants. Police has identified three of them as  Santhosh,  Sathesh  and Kiran Babu. Santhosh and Satheesh are brothers.
”Around three days ago there was a spat between two groups led by Santhosh and Shabeer during a temple festival here”, said a police source. The matter reached before the police station where cops let them go after strict warning. Cases were also registered against them for public nuisance. It is also learned that during the spat Shabeer pelted stones at Santhosh’s residence and  vandalised  properties.
On Monday, when Shabeer and Unnikrishnan reached near Vakkom railway gate, two of the assailants who were working at a construction site nearby alerted others. The rest of the gang turned up immediately and they clubbed the two with wooden logs. In the video, Satheesh can be seen holding Shabeer to the ground while Santhosh bludgeons him with a wooden log.
Watch Video ( Video Courtesy : Asianet News)

The police are unaware about the person who caught the attack on camera. Kadakkavoor CI S  Sajad  said that he was unaware of the real reason that made the gang to commit such a gory attack on the two. He, however, confirmed that the persons involved in the incident were substance abusers.
Police are yet make any arrests.