World witnesses the longest “blood moon” eclipse of 21st century

India along with various other countries of the world witnessed the longest “blood moon” eclipse of the 21st century on Friday night.

During this rare phenomena, the Moon turned bright red.

According to Nasa, the total lunar eclipse lasted for one hour and 43 minutes. In India the eclipse started at around 11:44 PM on July 27, whereas the total lunar eclipse started at around 1:00 AM and lasted at around 2:43 AM on July 28.

A total lunar eclipse happens when Earth takes the position in a straight line between the moon and sun, blocking the direct sunlight.

When earth, moon, and sun are perfectly lined up, the Earth’s atmosphere scatters blue light from the sun, while bending red light onto the moon. This phenomenon gave the moon the name “blood moon” as it appears red in color.

Apart from India, the lunar eclipse was visible in parts of South-America, parts of Europe, Africa, Whole Asia, Australia and Eastern Africa.