Women upset with UP CM, Shia leader

FIR filed against Waseem Rizvi for gender swipes, while Yogi’s anti-women remarks create a furore in feminist lobbies, writes Kulsum Mustafa

LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh all women anti-CAA protests have acquired a deeper dimension in the state capita. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Shia Waqf Board chairman Waseem Rizvi’s anti-women remarks have not just invited the wrath of women all over the world but have also invited an FIR being lodged against Rizvi and a defamation suit is on the way.

Speaking emphatically on the anti-CAA women focused protests, the chief minister while addressing a rally in Kanpur on Wednesday not only sent a stern warning of strong action against anyone for shouted Kashmir like slogans on Aazadi (freedom) but also made sweeping anti- feminist remarks during his speech.

The Chief Minister alleged that while the men folks of these women protestors are hiding under blankets, inside their houses afraid that their properties will be attached if they did anything against the law they have shamelessly pushed their women into the protests and made them and their children sit on roadside crossings in this harsh winter.

Yogi accused the opposition parties like Congress and Samajwadi Party of pushing these women forward for their own political gains. He said that he can see clearly through their opportunistic designs clearly.

These remarks coming from the chief minister of the state have created a furor and feminist groups are up in arms against him for what many are terming as insensitive and not acceptable language and tenor..

“The Chief Minister’s statement only go to show his deep rooted Manuvadi (patriarchal) thinking and mindset. It is a very dangerous statement and one which shows his deep rooted anti women approach,” said Madhu Garg, All India Democratic Women Association (AIDWA) Assistant secretary and UP vice president.

Aisey log (Yogi) aurat ko Devi to maantey hain magar Insaan nahi. Aura tab pahar nikal kar apney aadikar maang rahi hain to inhey accha nahi lag raha hain. (The likes of Yogi like to accept women as a goddess but do not like to give her the status of a human bein), said Ms Garg.

AIDWA which has recently brought out a fact finding report on the recent killings in the state during the anti CAA protests says that they are soon going to bring out a pamphlet on this.

“CM’s statement on women protestors is humanely shameful and legally Unconstitutional, he has through his utterances attacked both women dignity and their professional acumen.. Their Fundamental Rights have been infringed upon”, said Ms Renu Mishra, a feminist lawyer.

Renu Mishra said that as awomen she was delighted to see so many women coming out to ask for their Rights. “They were not guided by any politician, organization or banners, they came out as independent individuals. I as a woman loved this change in the social fabric and I would like to celebrate this fully. I am proud of what they did. I support them and am part of this all inclusive women movement,” she said

On the other hand lot of flak is coming on Rizvi for his anti-women remarks. Past midnight on Wednesday an FIR was lodged against Rizvi at the Hazratganj police station by Syed Zareen, a social activist, who had engaged in a verbal spat with him on a TV debate on Tuesday.

In this debate Rizvi had termed all anti- CAA women protestors as “dhandheywali (derogatory term) and called them badkirdaar (characterless). He even went as far as to allege that women who protest like this on the streets, or speak to men in loud voices do not come from good families.

“Men like Waseem Rizvi must be taught a lesson, and I am glad I got a chance to do it on behalf of all women. This man is inhuman, shameless, characterless and is in fact all that a man should not be, He is not fit to be called a Muslim.”

She said after filing an FIR against him. Zareen informed that her team of lawyer is working on the formalities for filing a defamation suit.

“These men, both Yogi and Rizvi who make such demeaning remarks do not respect women. Shame on them. They make the commitments of their prime minister “beti bachaoo” so hollow”, said Zareen.