Whistleblower ignored, ‘dummy school’ racket thrives in Delhi

Both the CBSE and the Education Department, Delhi, which are supposed to check the malpractices, have turned a blind eye to the racket despite the matter having been brought to their notice by a whistleblower on many occasions. A report by Pawan Kumar Bansal

A massive racket is going on in Delhi by admitting students who pass the 10+2 exam from there and grab the benefit of 85 percent quota in admissions to Delhi University colleges.

Interestingly this is going on despite the fact that the issue was formally brought into notice of C.B.S.E authorities and Delhi Government several times by the whistleblower.

Now a Division Bench of Delhi High Court comprising Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Sanjeev Narula  has issued notice to Delhi government, CBSE and other authorities in a Public Interest Litigation. The PIL claims that the idea behind the “dummy school” is one which provides a “virtual platform” to students to show that they have migrated to Delhi after passing 10th exam with the sole purpose of somehow availing the benefit of Delhi state quota seats, which otherwise ought to be allocated among the bonafide residents of NCT of Delhi.

There is quota of 85 percent in Delhi University Colleges for those students who pass ten plus two examination from schools of Delhi.

But every year, a large number of students belonging to the neighbouring states like Haryana, Rajastahan and Uttar Pradesh get admission to Delhi University colleges through this ‘dummy’ route.

Modus-operandi is that students belonging to these neighbouring states are enrolled directly or through touts as non-attending or dummy students of class XI in schools of Delhi.

This makes them eligible for availing 85 percent quota in Delhi University colleges.

Shockingly, the concerned authorities who are supposed to check the malpractice i.e CBSE and Education-department, Delhi, are turning a blind eye to this racket despite the fact that the matter was brought to their notice by the  whistleblower several times, who wanted  his identity to be kept secret.

Tehelka investigations have exposed the nexus of such schools, and officials of CBSE and Education department of Delhi government.

The whistleblower told Tehelka, “I took up the issue with CBSE , Chief Minister  Delhi Arvind Kejriwal and the Education Minister of India in July, 2022.”

The CBSE responded with a note that ‘it’s against CBSE bye-laws and if there is such a case, please specify the names of the schools with complete details so that action can be initiated against the defaulters.’

The names of two schools with complete details were given to CBSE through email.

He further added that it was disheartening to see the reply from the CBSE co-ordination unit which read: “The matter doesn’t pertain to CBSE jurisdiction and you’re advised to contact concerned state-administration for the same.”

This proves the clout of school-owners who are involved in ‘dummy’ admissions of students of adjoining states.

CBSE officials instead of discharging their duty to check the mal-practices diabolically twisted the matter. 

The office of Education Minister, India, directed the Delhi CM to investigate the matter and take immediate action in the matter.

Officers of Delhi CM directed the Education-Department to take necessary action in this regard.

To  the shock of the whistleblower, after his repeated reminders, an email emerged from the CM, Delhi office, which said, “In reference to your email, you are requested to directly lodge your grievance on the grievances redressal portal of Delhi Government.”

It will make you burst into laughter because on the above redressal-portal, only a citizen of Delhi can lodge a complaint.

So, ridiculously, the issue was closed.

And till now, the same practice is going on in the same schools.

It is interesting to note that the students don’t have to go to these schools even for a day till they take 10+2 exams.

Question papers and answer-sheets are sent to their homes through the touts or some other means so that they take exams at home and send the answer-sheets to the admitting schools. The schools keep their documentary records up-to-date.

There is a big network of touts in adjacent cities of Delhi like Rohtak of Haryana who lure the parents of the students and get them admitted to these schools while sitting at home.

It is learnt that a sum of Rs 70,000 Rs 1 lakh is charged from the students for the two-year course i.e for  XI and XII.

Students and their parents are damn happy and satisfied with this arrangement as students study and relax at home and join coaching as per their convenience for their competitive exam thus preparing themselves for both CBSE and competition 

They get an edge or advantage  in getting admission into various Delhi institutions because there is this percentage- difference between the students who have studied from Delhi and those competing for the few limited seats for the ‘outsiders’ (those who have not passed plus ten plus two from schools of Delhi) . 

It is a win- win situation for all those in the game: schools make extra bucks without requiring teachers and space (which they neither have nor can increase as they are already full to the brim).