‘What’s central govt future strategy to fight COVID-19 as aim and purpose of lockdown has failed’: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that PM Modi has not yet achieved the results he desired from the four stages of lockdown.

“Two months ago, the PM said that we were going to fight a 21-day fight against COVID. It was his expectation that we would defeat the virus in 21 days. We are now 60 days into lockdown and we’re the only country where the virus is exponentially rising and we’re removing the lockdown,” Rahul said in a live press conference through his twitter account.

Rahul further said, “the aim and purpose of our lockdown has failed. What India is facing now is the result of a failed lockdown. What we, in the Congress party and a lot of others, want to understand is what is the Govt’s view going forward.”

“What is their strategy? It is pretty clear that 4 stages of lockdown have not achieved what PM and his advisory staff had expected, as they said the disease would start to reduce by end of May,” he questioned.

“It is clear the disease is not decreasing but increasing. With utmost respect we want to ask the PM and the Govt., now that we have a failed lockdown, what is their strategy going forward?” Rahul said.

He asked Modi government, “What is the strategy regarding opening India? What precautions will they take to now curb the disease? How will they support migrants? How will they support State Govts & MSMEs?”

According to the Health Ministry, India has so far reported 1,45,380 COVID-19 cases with 4,167 deaths. Maharashtra is the worst affected state with the maximum cases – 52,667 followed by Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Delhi.