‘Video of Dalits being tortured is horrific, sickening’: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said that the video of two young Dalit men being tortured in Rajasthan was horrific and sickening.

He urged the state government to bring the accused to justice.

“The recent video of two young Dalit men being brutally tortured in Nagaur, Rajasthan is horrific & sickening. I urge the state Government to take immediate action to bring the perpetrators of this shocking crime to justice,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

Rahul’s tweet came hours after a video of two men being thrashed went viral on social media.

Responding to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, BJP’s Amit Malviya reminded him that the “Chief Minister is also the Home Minister”.

“State government? The Chief Minister is also the Home Minister and his name is Ashok Gehlot. Just in case you didn’t know who is responsible for the brutality against Dalits in the state… Ever since Congress formed govt in Rajasthan, crime against Dalits and women has shot up,” Amit Malviya tweeted.