UP MLA alleges mega scam in Covid testing

Jata Shanker Tripathi sends off ‘Save my life’ missive to the state’s CM Yogi Adityanath and plans to go to court, reports KULSUM MUSTAFA

A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA from Kushinagar (UP), Jata Shanker Tripathi, has alleged that there is a mega scam going on in Covid testing in Uttar Pradesh which needs to be looked into urgently. Narrating his personal harrowing experience, the MLA told this reporter that he has received contradictory reports of positive and negative from both private and government labs in Gorakhpur in the last four weeks. This he said has affected his health and he has sent a missive to the UP Chief Minister to ‘save his life.” And free the state from the fudging that is going on in covid tests data.

He said that after some initial symptoms he got himself tested on 12th April from a well known private city lab. The report which he received on 14th April was positive. The MLA immediately quarantined himself and started taking medicines under the medical guidance of a doctor in Gorakhpur.

There was improvement in his health in the next two weeks and on 28th April he called the same lab for sample testing. The lab failed to deliver the report. Presuming that it has been misplaced he called them again on 1st May for a test. The same day he gave sample for testing to the government lab. The contradiction started here. The reports from both lab were contradictory. While the private lab gave positive the government one said he was negative. To top it the private lab had in the meantime discovered the 28th April sample report. It was negative.

“Firstly how is it possible two get two contradictory reports when both samples were taken o the same day with the time difference of just two hours,” says an angry Tripathi. He is equally baffled at the reports of the private labs as how could he turn positive on 1st May when on 28th April he was shown as negative.

If this was not enough of trauma on 9th May he received a telephone call from the Dy CMO of Gorakhpur saying, “Vidhyakji aap ki 7th May ko liey sample say aap ki Covid report positive aayee hain (According to your sample dated 7th May, your covid report has come positive.)

Perturbed and heckled the Legislator was at a loss of words. He gathered all his strength and explained patiently to the health officer that this is not possible as he had not given any sample to any lab on May 7. Adamant the person on the other side of the phone rudely told him, “Aap jhoot bol rahey hain (you are telling a lie).”

“Main dar gaya hu, samaj nahi aaraha yeh khel kya hain (I am scared, do not know what is this game ), said Tripathi, who is going through post Covid trauma and weakness.

The first thing he did is to inform the state chief minister through audio clips and reports copies. He says that he is planning to go to the court if nothing happens. The matter he says is too serious to be ignored as it exposes the big scam of fraudulent data being processed regarding the Covid-19 cases in the state.

It is he said must be brought to light. If this is happening to an MLA of the government from the Chief Minister’s own constituency, you can just imagine what is happening to Laxman’s Common Man.