Understanding Hinduism 3 – Same Gotra Marriage: Is it scientific or an idiosyncrasy?

The ultra left intellectuals, pseudo secularists, vociferous constitutionalists and maverick feminists have denounced the customary tradition of avoiding same gotra marriages and to get legitimacy to their totally shallow knowledge about the scientific basis for this strict stipulation, such self styled activists have been knocking at the door of constitutional courts by filing PILs and defaming Hindu practices. An analysis by YK Kalia

Let’s see as to whether this prohibition propounded by our seers had any scientific basis or not and whether it was all humbug to stifle the lovelorn couples only, thus trampling on their right to live their life as per their own choice as envisaged under Article 21 of the Constitution. Our discussion is based purely on the genetic knowledge with which anyone familiar with basics of biology knows that female has chromosome xx and male has xy chromosome.

In his progeny, the son assumed (xy chromosome), that is, the y chromosome in this son came from the father, it is definitely because the mother does not have y chromosome at all. And if there is a daughter, then (xx chromosome), this quality formula comes from both parents in the daughter.

1) xx chromosome

The xx chromosome means daughter, one of the pairs of as two xx chromosomes, one x chromosome comes from the father and the other x chromosome comes from the mother. And the combination of these two chromosomes creates a knot called crossover.

2) xy chromosome

The xy chromosome means son, ie the y chromosome in the son is only possible from the father because the mother has no y chromosome. And because both chromosomes are uneven, complete crossover does not occur only up to 5%. And 95% y chromosome remains intact (intact), so important y chromosome. Because of the y chromosome we are certain that it came from the father only in the son. Just finding this y chromosome is the only purpose of gotra system which our sages knew thousands/millions of years ago.

Vedic gotra system and y chromosome:

By now we have understood that the Vedic gotra system is based on the y chromosome or a means of tracing the y chromosome. For example, if a person’s gotra is Kashyapa, then the Y chromosome in that person comes from Kashyapa Rishi or Kashyapa Rishi is the origin of that Y chromosome. Since the Y chromosome is not present in women, this is the reason that after marriage, women are attached to their husband’s gotra.

In Vedic/Hindu culture, the main reason for marriage being prohibited in the same gotra is that being from the same gotra, they will be called male and female siblings because their first ancestor is the same. But it is not strange that women and men who have never seen each other and were born in different countries but in the same tribe, have become siblings? The main reason for this being the same gotra is also the similarity in chromosomes. According to today’s genetic science, if two people with the same chromosome are married, then their children will be born with genetic disorders.

There is no newness in the same ideology, choice, behaviour etc. in the children of such couples. Such children lack creativity. The same thing has been said by science in this regard that genetic defects i.e. mental disability, disability, serious diseases, etc. are found congenital in most of the couple’s children after getting married. According to the scriptures, endogamy was banned for these reasons.

Convocation of this gotra means that the succession cannot send a father to the daughter, so the marriage is done before marriage and by getting a free girl got married, the future groom places that girl in their clan, which is why the widow at that time Marriage was also not acceptable, because the husband who provided the total gotra has already died. That is why special attention is given to legalism at the time of horoscope matching and more care is taken when there is a manic girl.

Do the treaty of Atma or Atma.

Atma + h or atma + ja

Atma = I, J or Ja = Born or Born, i.e. I am born or born.

If there is a son, then 95% of fathers and 5% of mothers are included. If daughter is there then 50% father and 50% mother is included. Then if the daughter is a daughter, then that DNA will be 50% of 50%, then if she also has a daughter, then 50% of that 25% will remain in DNA, in this way, this percentage will decrease to 1% in daughter birth in seventh generation.

That is, the DNA of a husband and wife continues to be born again until the seventh generation, and this is with seven births.  DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is perhaps the most famous biological molecule present in all forms of life on Earth.

However, when there is a son, the chromosome of the son inherits 95% of the chromosome of the father in genetics and 5% of the mother (which can be less than one% under any circumstances) takes DNA, and that’s The sequence continues uninterrupted, due to which the DNA containing the qualities of husband and wife continues to be born again and again, that is, this birth coincides with birth.

That is why, we keep blessing our own part till the births of fathers, and we also keep receiving blessings in an abstract manner with respect to them, and this thinking keeps us from being selfish till births, and for the advancement of children. It enables you to be dedicated.

One more thing, if parents give kanyadaan, it does not mean that they consider the girl as something equal.  Rather, the law of this donation has been made that in order to become the kulvadhu of the other clan and to become the patriarch of that clan, he should be free of gotra. DNA cannot be free because they will remain DNA in the physical body, so the relationship of mother is there.

Gotra means the gotra of the father is discarded. Only then is she able to promise the future groom that she will abide by the dignity of her family, that is, she will not allow her gotra and DNA to be contaminated, will not do varnaskar, because the girl donates Raja to the total clan after marriage and motherhood Receives This is the reason that every married woman becomes worshiped as a mother.

This donor, like Kanyadaan, is considered to be the best charity equivalent to Koti Yagyas, which are donated to a husband by a wife. Apart from Indian culture and civilization, this ritualistic purity is not visible in any other civilization.

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