Un- Masking the RSS

“The  intensification of  Hindutva has acted to divert attention from the fact that almost  half the population of  India is at or  below poverty line and is  denied  even the  most  basic  rights and amenities. writes Humra Quraishi

This latest volume from A.G. Noorani can be termed a masterpiece as he has  completely and absolutely  un- masked the  RSS,   with all  possible  facts and documental backgrounders. In fact, I  would say it’s a  must read  for all those of  us who are apprehensive with the  latest  round of  eerie build-ups  hitting the country, what, with the  Right – Wing  Modi -led government  to be ruling the country, once again. 

In fact, this volume carries extremely vital facts to the political layers and the long term strategies and plans and master plans of the Right Wing , which will be  ruining the  very fabric of our  country.  To quote from it – “India is  battling for its very soul …The  Rashtriya  Swayamsevak  Sangh ( RSS)is  the  most  powerful  organization  in India  today; complete with a  private army  of its own, unquestionably obeying its  leader who  functions  on fascist  lines  on the Fuehrer principle…The  RSS  is at war with India’s  past. It  belittles three  of the  greatest  builders of the  Indian State-  Ashoka, the  Buddhist; Akbar; the  Muslim ;  and  Nehru, a  civilized Enlightened Hindu. It would wipe out centuries of achievement for which the world has acclaimed India and replace that with its own narrow, divisive ideology.”

In this  volume,  Noorani has  traced out the  entire history of the  RSS,  right  from its formation in 1925,  to this  present  times. And with that he has exposed the RSS and its strategies and double or triple speak. 

After reading this volume, you would well grasp what dangers lie ahead; now  with the RSS  in  direct  control of governance of  this country. To quote  N oorani, “This  book shows that  the  RSS  is much more than a  threat to communal amity. It poses a wider challenge. It is a threat to democratic governance and, even worse, a menace to India, the India which the  nation strove to establish. It poses a threat to its values. In the last few years India has  been  battling for its very soul.”   To  quote Noorani   still further – “The  intensification of  Hindutva has acted, as intended by  its  followers, to divert attention from the fact that almost  half the population of  India is at or  below poverty line and is  denied  even the  most  basic  rights and amenities. Instead of working  towards  providing these rights and  amenities to the  tribals and the  Dalits, the  focus has  been shifted to the irrelevant question of the right to convert. The  hype surrounding the  issue of which  Indians  are indigenous and which are foreign, basing this identity on the  false  premise of  whether they follow  a  religion which  indigenous to the   subcontinent  or  is  west Asian  in origin, has  led  to the most  inhuman and  unethical  behaviour  on the  part  of  groups  claiming  to defend Hinduism and  is  directed  towards those labelled  as  Muslims and   Christians.”

In fact, this volume starts with a very apt and hitting comment made by Dr B. R.  Ambedkar – I quote him from this volume – “If Hindu Raj  does become a fact, it will , no doubt, be the  greatest calamity for  this country…Hindu Raj  must be  prevented at any cost.”

And there is  this  particular quote of  Pandit Jawharlal  Nehru  on its  back cover flap – “ It would appear that the  declared objectives( of the  RSS) have  little to  do with the real ones and with the  activities carried on in various forms and ways by  people associated with the  RSS. These real  objectives appear to be  completely opposed  to the decisions of the  Indian Parliament  and the  provisions of the proposed  Constitution of  India. The activities according to our information, are antinational and often subversive and violent.”  This is what Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru conveyed to RSS chief, M.S.  Golwalkar, 10 November 1948.