The new generation of Marathwada will not face drought, says Devendra Fadnavis

Aurangabad: “Marathwada has experienced drought conditions in whole year. The government is trying to remove this drought in Marathwada through implementation of Jalyukta Shivar scheme , Marathwada water grid, mud-free dam, river link project. Government has decided to set up draught free Marathwada for the next generation .

Maharashtra CM Fadnavis was speaking at the program organized by the Jain organization, Arit Foundation and Bajaj Auto in Lasur. Fadnavis said, Bajaj Fodder Camp is an ideal fodder camp in the state. In this place, cattle care, fencing, supervision, medical facilities, farmers’ feeding arrangements are properly done in the last three months. Such work is commendable in Marathwada, which is full of famine, and is very much appreciated for this work of Mr. Mutha, Shri Tripti and Mr. Bamb. The Government has tried to provide relief to the farmers by providing them financial help in the drought, permission for fodder camps, increase in funding for fodder etc.

The Center has provided Rs 4,700 crore for the drought relief in Maharashtra. The state government enforced and provided financial relief to the farmers. The government’s ambitious irrigation Jalyukta shivar campaign has benefitted for irrigation.

Chief Minister further stated that the final development plan of Marathwada grid is being prepared to bring Marathwada out of drought. In this, the dams of Marathwada will be connected together with pipe lines. It will also help in water supply in every village. Ministry of Water Resources has been set up by Prime Minister Narendra
Modi’s foresight.