Terrorist manhunt underway as joint forces sweep Kathua

A massive joint search operation was launched on Tuesday in response to a deadly attack on an army patrol party in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua district. The attack resulted in the deaths of five personnel, including a Junior Commissioned Officer, and left five others injured.

Officials have reported that the search teams on the ground are being supported by helicopter and UAV surveillance. Sniffer dogs and metal detectors are also being employed, with a focus on dense forest areas in the region. 

The joint cordon and search operation involves the army, police, and CRPF, covering areas such as Machedi, Badnote, Kindli, and Lohai Malhar, with a large area placed under cordon.

Sources indicate that three to four terrorists, mostly foreigners, are believed to have carried out the ambush in the remote Machedi area. The group is also suspected of involvement in the Basangarh attack, where village defence guard Mohd Sharief was killed in an encounter on April 28 in Panara village.