Tech leader TestingXperts does record hiring 

With a current Annual Run Rate (ARR) at $50M USD, the Next Gen QA and software testing company TestingXperts (Tx) has been registering growth post pandemic and to match it, plans to double its team from 1000 to 2000 in next 18 months.  In January 2022 alone they on boarded 150 employees including 107 engineers from top regional engineering colleges in and around Chandigarh Tricity and North India, providing an opportunity and boost to the local talent pool. The GETs  (Graduate Engineer Trainees) would go through six months rigorous training program via.

‘Tx-Academy’ which will make them market ready on leading technologies to help them shape their career and work with projects for Tx’s global clients.

At present, Tx has 12 Global offices including in the UK and US, with 300+ Clients in 25+ countries.

“Tx registered an exceptionally encouraging response from the colleges and students due to our niche market positioning and ample opportunities we provide for learning, mentoring and shaping engineer’ careers,” says Manish Gupta, CEO, Tx, adding how they’ve established programs for industry academia collaboration to enable students go through specific industry-relevant courses within their curriculum.   Tx has 40% women staff strength and claims it is higher than the industry standard.  It provides training at its in-house Tx-Academy, arming its staff with next generation technologies, latest market trends.

 Manish Gupta informed that TestingXperts (Tx) is a next-gen QA & software testing services provider, co-headquartered in London, UK, and Harrisburg, PA in the USA, with test labs across the US, Europe, and offshore test labs in India.