Taliban says ‘No’ to Women

After Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 15, 2021 the country and its citizens are facing many stringent restrictions , specially women who are facing restrictions on their basic rights of Education. Taliban have been seen increasing the curbs on women time and gain. Recently , the Talibans banned women from Universities in Afghanistan,. Not only women but girls are also restricted from schools. Many women protesters from Afghanistan Women’s Unity and Solidarity group raised their voices against these  restrictions imposed by Taliban but soon these demonstrations were shut down by Taliban officials. “ They destroyed my  future’’ said a Kabul University student.  The United Nations has also raised serious objections to Taliban policies.

In September 2021, The Taliban’s said that the women can attend Universities but will only be allowed to be taught by the professors  of same sex or elderly people. After few months , they shut down the Secondary Schools education for girls. Due to these restrictions many school going girls got disappointed as they were being deprived of their basic rights. ‘’ I want to study and make my career in Medicine but they have ordered us to stay home.’’ said Zaiba a school going girl.

The Atrocities of Talibans did not stop here, after some time the  girls and women’s  were prohibited from entering public places like parks , gyms and malls. Women were also forced to cover themselves in public places. They have to cover themselves completely including their faces. In the series of bans recently Taliban guards stopped hundreds of young girls also from entering the college campus. They suspended the education of women till further orders.

United Nations has also raised objections on Taliban’s restrictions on women . The UN  Secretary- General Antonio Guterres  decried increasing restrictions on women’s rights in Afghanistan, urging the country’s Taliban rulers to reverse them immediately. United Nations Secretary Council reiterated its deep concern of the suspension of schools beyond the sixth grade. The Equal and meaningful participation of women and girls in Afghanistan is needed,” it said in a press release.

United Nations  High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk said in a statement issued in Geneva that no country can develop or prosper if one section of the population will be excluded. Everbody should be treated equally, he said that he fears that this will pose risk beyond  Afghanistan borders.

They also urged to reopen schools and allow women to go for work. The UN also said that no country can develop and survive if human rights are violated. These restrictions will only increase the sufferings of Afghanistan. High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk also said that banning women from working in NGOs would only decrease the income of Afghan people. “Women and girls cannot be denied from their basic rights” added Turk.

Many Afghan families residing in India are also criticizing the policies of Talibans. They are concerned about their friends and families who are still in Afghanistan and are forced to accept the bans levied on them. Though they are happy that they are in India but fear for the people of Afghanistan.