‘Take strict action against profiteering in COVID-19 test kits procurement’: Rahul Gandhi urges PM Modi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday attacked those who are trying to earn huge profits from the sale of rapid testing kits.

He urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take the strictest action against them.

“When the entire country is fighting against the Covid-19 disaster, some people do not miss out on making unfair profits. Shame, disgust at this corrupt mentality. The country will never forgive them. We demand from the Prime Minister that strictest action should be taken against these profiteers,” Rahul tweeted.

In another tweet he said, “That any human being would try & profiteer from the immeasurable suffering of millions of his brothers & sisters, is beyond belief & comprehension. This scam is an insult to every Indian. I urge the PM to act swiftly to bring the corrupt to justice.”

Congress’ spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said it was shameful and inhuman that test kits bought for Rs 225 were supplied at Rs 600 to the state exchequer.

“Corruption in #Corona Testing Kits OR Profiteering by duping the Exchequer Import Price of 1 Testing Kit= ₹225! Purchase Price of Trsting Kit=₹600! Profit Margin = 166.66%! Shameful & Inhuman! Will PM fix responsibility?” Surjewala tweeted.

Earlier in the day, Congress leader Ahmed Patel had questioned the government over antibody test kits being purchased for Rs 600 per piece by the ICMR, which were being imported for Rs 245 each.

“The recent Delhi HC judgement has raised a pertinent question – Why was ICMR purchasing antibody test kits for Rs 600 per piece,which was imported for Rs 245? In the midst of a pandemic, no one should profit at the expense of poor Hope Govt clarifies this,” Patel said.