Supreme Court to set up an expert committee to probe into Pegasus case

Chief Justice NV Ramana said today that the Supreme Court will set up a committee to investigate the Pegasus spyware case, adding that interim orders would likely be issued next week.

According to Chief Justice Ramana “We wanted to pass an order on the matter before this week… but some members we thought of considering for the expert committee… for personal reasons they declined to be part of this committee. Hence the delay.

“We will try to pass an order on Pegasus next week,” he added.

The Apex court has been hearing a clutch of petitions that have demanded a probe into alleged use of Israeli spyware for illegal snooping of leaders, businessmen and journalists.

In the last hearing, the government declined to share any more information on use of Pegasus by its activities or hand out specific information on alleged interception of some of the petitioners.