Supreme Court drops contempt case against Manoj Tiwari

The Supreme Court on Thursday dropped contempt proceedings against Delhi BJP MP Manoj Tiwari for interfering with sealing activity but disapproved his action of breaking the seal of a commercial establishment.

The apex court said it was “pained by his conduct” during the sealing exercise.

“Misplaced bravado” has no place and such practices should be deprecated, the apex court added. 

The apex court had last month reserved its order on contempt proceedings initiated against Tiwari for allegedly breaking the seal of premises.

The BJP leader had previously told the Supreme Court that he had broken the seal of premises as a “symbolic protest” against the illegal action of officials of the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) and was willing to accept the role of ‘sealing officer’ as recommended by the apex court.

In September, the apex court had issued contempt notice against Manoj Tiwari after taking note of a report filed by the monitoring committee which had alleged that Tiwari had broken the seal of the premises.

In his defence, Tiwari had earlier said that no contempt was committed by him as he had not “disobeyed” any orders of the apex court. He had claimed that the monitoring committee and EDMC were misusing the authority of the court to publicise the whole issue.