Srinagar set to host G20 Tourism Working Group Meeting

The picturesque city of Srinagar is gearing up to host the third G20 Tourism Working Group meeting, marking the first major international event in the region since the revocation of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status in 2019.
The three-day summit, scheduled from May 22 to May 24, will bring together representatives from various G20 member countries to deliberate on key priority areas, including Green Tourism, Digitalization, Skills, MSMEs, and Destination Management.

The meeting will feature an engaging discussion on film tourism, with Spain, Singapore, and Mauritius taking the lead. Additionally, representatives from Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, and host country India will join the conversation to explore the global perspective of film tourism and its economic benefits, particularly in the context of Jammu and Kashmir. 

The side event titled ‘Film Tourism for Economic Growth and Cultural Preservation’ will shed light on the potential of film tourism in contributing to both economic growth and the preservation of cultural heritage.

With all preparations in place, Srinagar has been adorned to welcome the delegates for this significant event. Given the international nature of the summit and its timing, security measures have been heightened to ensure the smooth conduct of proceedings and the safety of all participants.