Sign language introduced in nauha

Syed Ameer Hasan Amir uses sign language for the first time in dirges this Muhurram for the mute and those with hearing impair disorders, writes Kulsum Mustafa

Popular Indian nauha khawn, Syed Ameer Hasan Amir has Introduced sign language in nauha (dirges) this Muhurram for the mute and those with hearing impair disorders.

Delhi-based Amir has been reciting nauhas for many years but this is the first time that he has used sign language along with his normal recitation during Azadaari.

In an exclusive interview Amir said that it took him and his Safeer-e-Aza team nearly eight years to get this work done for a very special section of mourners.

He said the process was very difficult because it required introduction of a lot of words, including Bibi Sakina, four-year-old daughter of Imam Hussain, his younger brother Hazrat Abbas, who is the epitome of bravery and loyalty.

The sign language interpreter is Mir Fazil Raza. 

Amir said that as a devout Believer he is blessed to have been given a voice that ensures that he can use it to has taken upon himself the pious work of reciting the tragedy of Karbala through nauhas and manqabats — devotional sufi poetry in praise of Hazrat Ali, son-in-law of Prophet Mohammad.

Ameer said that he is honoured to be the chosen one to disseminate this message for the good of humanity.