Semi-nude farmers protest against sugar mill to get Rs 82 cr against sugar cane supplies

Like past several years, large number of farmers in Ambala district supplied sugar cane to Nataingarh Sugar Mill at Banodi in Ambala district frequently protesting outside the mill gate to get payment against supplies of sugarcane, besides blocking traffic on the road since past sometime intensified their protests holding a semi-nude protest outside the mill to get payment for amount worth Rs 82 crore pending against the mill towards supply of sugar cane in past few months.

According to information, long pending amount worth Rs 62 crore was paid to sugar cane growers in the area by the mill management till December end 2021. Now 21 members farmers committee led by their president Sigar Rachhedi has made an appeal to SDM Naraingarh in getting their pending payment worth Rs 82 crore against supply of sugar cane to the mill this year on the assurance of timely payment by the administration, failing which they gave final ultimatum that they will be left with no alternative except to strongly protest outside the mill as well as outside the office of Cane Commissioner at Panchkula on May 2, 2022 since sugar mill has been closed with effect from April 8, 2022. Protesting farmers warned to  stop supplies of sugar cane to this mill in future. They said, sugar cane is being supplied to this sugar mill on the assurance by the administration that timely payment will be made to them by the management of mill against supplies.